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      Hacked By Imam with Love

      Ninotchka Rosca: The Day Manila Fell Silent

      The Day Manila Fell Silent by Ninotchka Rosca [Talk at the Bliss on Bliss Studio, Queens, New York City; ?September 9, 2012; ?third part of Re-Collection, A Commemoration of the Anniversary of the Declaration of Martial Law in the Philippines, the first two being an art exhibit and an installation/performance.] Ironically, the most quiet day Read More …

      Serafin Malay Syquia: Politics and Poetry

      [Editors’ Note: We would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to Luis Malay Syquia, for graciously granting us permission to reprint the late Filipino American poet and activist Serafin Malay Syquia’s essay, “Politics and Poetry,” here at . Syquia’s essay was originally published in Liwanag: Literary and Graphic Expressions (San Francisco: Liwanag Publications, 1975), edited Read More …

      Rashaan Alexis Meneses: Barbie’s Gotta Work

      Barbie’s Gotta Work By Rashaan Alexis Meneses Unlike my mother who grew up in an old Army barrack tacked to the dusty farmlands of the San Joaquin Valley or my father who sometimes had to sleep in the chicken coop because his family’s house off of Franklin Boulevard in Sacramento was over-crowded with six other Read More …

      Jai Arun Ravine: Behind the Poetry of ???? and then entwine

      Behind the Poetry of ???? and then entwine by Jai Arun Ravine ???? and then entwine is a skin that once peeled from Ravine’s body took the form of language. Inscribed on pieces of rice paper, Thai lesson workbooks and notebook pages, this text hung on the walls of our apartment in Boulder, CO. ???? Read More …